Working in Agile Way – Some Metrics You can consider

Some Sample Agile Metrics

Each team needs to define Metrics that help them inspect and adapt. Below I have given some metrics PO as well as Developers can use

Measuring Value –

Scrum is a Value Framework. The focus is on “Value delivered to customer” rather than “scope delivered as per plan”. It is then clear that we need to find a way to measure “value”.  How a PO will measure value will be different than how developers will measure Value. The table  below shows some sample Metrics that can help the PO and developers do the same

PerspectiveSome Metrics
PORevenue Feature Usage Reduction in Complaints Increase in CSI….. NPS  
DevelopersDefects Leaked Prod/UAT First Time Pass Rate  Tech debt

Measuring Frequency-

Agile manifesto states the importance of delivering value early and in a continuous or frequent manner. Measuring the frequency of delivery will help  the PO and Developers to

PerspectiveSome Metrics
POLead Time Release Frequency  
DevelopersVelocity Sprint Duration

Measuring Day to Day Work

While measuring the Value delivered and the frequency of the said duration gives PO and Developers

PerspectiveSome Metrics
PO# Of Times PBI (Story)need to be re-negotiated or acceptance criterion updated How many times PO has seen a feature before Review
DevelopersWork prediction– burnup, burn down , WIP , CFD Planning Quality – Estimations, sprint planning value (# of tasks identified Vs Time spent) Operational Excellence – Broken Builds , automation %, test coverage , code quality Self Organization Index – how many tasks they needed outside help Cross Functionality – “T Index”