Metrics in Agile :: Getting Started

Do we need Metrics in Agile Projects?

We saw in earlier article that traditional metrics do not help when working in Agile manner. The question then comes to mind is do you really need metrics while working in Agile?

The answer is a definite yes – When done well, Metrics provide us with transparency by giving quantified information that does not depend upon individual perception. This quantified information helps us to inspect the work we are doing and value we are delivering. The inspection then allows us to adapt our way of working to improve the value we deliver

In other words, metrics help us to work in an empirical manner.

What should we measure while working in Scrum?

In My experience there are 3 major dimensions where Metrics helps us to inspect and adapt

  1. Value – Are we delivering Value?
  2. Frequency – Are we delivering value frequently enough?
  3. Day to day Metrics

Perspectives in Metrics

For each of the metrics above, developers as well as Product Owner  will need different information to inspect and adapt their way of working and metrics need to be defined accordingly