A Little About Me

I am Snehamayee!!!

Who Am I? A rather philosophical question. I am a mom …Am a passionate coder.. also a wild life enthusiast…I am in love with software assurance… I live my life with agile values and Principles … Really? I am a glass that shows a different color depending upon the angle you see it from… There are so many sides of me that I usually restrict my introduction to this one line – “I am Snehamayee”

Profressionally speaking,

With over 19 years of experience in Software Industry , I have worked across all phases of SDLC. I have wide experience over all phases of SDLC , I have worked across geographies and project types. My Niche Skills Include

  • Opening New Logos for TCS using Assurance As A Lever
  • Organizational coaching to drive quick and consistent ROI during their agile/DevOps transformation
  • Creating Customer focused Assurance Strategies that enable QA function to be a transformation lever that will drive technology excellence
  • Creating Assurance /Testing strategy for projects in AGILE and DevOps Models

I am a passionate career tester and always strive to increase mind share and “assurance” brand recognition within the region. I believe that for modern sofware ecosystem,Assurance will bring value rather than mere testing….My objective is to enable QA to be a value centre rather than a cost centre.

Over the years, I have seen it exceedingly useful to apply Agile values and principles to all aspects of my life. It really excites me to share this experience with others who want to start their journey on the agile road.

Certifications That I hold
1 – PSM-2 by scrum.org
2 – PSM-1 by scrum.org
3 – CSP by Scrum Alliance
4 – CSM by Scrum AlliancePSM -I by scrum.org
5 – CSPO by Scrum Alliance
7 -Exin DevOps Master
8 -PMP

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