DevOps, Lean, Scrum, Agile

DevOps shares many characteristics with the Agile/Lean movement, especially with the focus on individuals, interactions and collaboration. You might wonder if DevOps us just “rebranded” Agile/Lean. While Devlops has certainly grown out around agile/Lean methodology, it is a separate cultural movement steeped in the history of the computing industry with a broad reach that includes more than just developers. DevOps adopts and extends Agile principles and applies them to the entire organization, not only the development process. Some of the important practices which support DevOps are


  • Agile Manifesto defines the 4 Values and 12 principles around which the whole Agile movement revolves. Especially the 4 values are very relevant to DevOps Movement
    • Individuals and Interactions OVER processes and tools
    • Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation
    • Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation
    • Responding to Change over Following a Plan


  • The 5 lean Principles support the DevOps movement
    • Value : Focusing on Value being created for the customer not just on delivering requirements.
    • Value Stream : Focusing on elimination of wastage
    • Flow : Flow helps in focusing on completion and getting tangible delivers out to the customer
    • Pull
    • Continuous Improvement : Continuous improvement mindset results in constant improvements in your product which is one of the core requirement of DevOps mindset.


  • Scrum is an Agile Framework which also supports the DevOps in various ways. Some of the examples are
    • Scrum advocates frequent delivery in the form of Sprints. The objective is to produce a potentially shippable increment every iteration.
    • Product Backlog help define operational elements, testing elements and end to end elements commonly called the Product Backlog Items
    • The Daily Scrum meeting is a useful meeting for inspecting and adapting daily. This helps in collaboration between the various teams to produce potentially releaseable increment.
    • The Review meeting every sprint is a good way to get feedback from the customer every iteration and thus inspect and adapt.