Critical Success Factors of DevOps

As I had described in the introductory post, DevOps is about a cultural and mindset change. It is not about just implementation of a few tools and techniques. Any type of culture change involves a number of critical success factors.

In the context of DevOps these include:

  • Management commitment to culture change : Without a Management commitment, it is hard to imagine a cultural shift as big as DevOps
  • Creation of a collaborative, learning culture : This is a continuous learning culture which involves improvement of processes, tools and the work that one does.
  • Common values and vocabulary
  • Systems engineering that spans Dev and Ops
  • Meaningful metrics : Sometimes organizations have metrics which are not in sync with the actual work going on on the floor. The metrics have to be meaningful
  • A balance between automation and human interaction : Most people think DevOps is about Automation only.
  • Application of agile, lean and service management methods
  • Open and frequent communication