Agile Metrics and The Scrum Master

In the previous article, I have described some sample metrics which may be tracked by the developers or the Product Owners. These metrics are designed to measure how well we generate value. The metrics can also track the frequency of delivery as well as the quality.

These metrics do not capture how well the Scrum Master is performing – When I pose these questions to people, they often respond that as a coach it will be difficult to quantify and measure the progress achieved by the Scrum mMster.

I do agree that there no easily apparent metrics prevalent in the industry to help the scrum master to inspect and adapt based on quantified data. However I do believe that the scrum master needs to have some quantifiable tools that can help him or her to track and monitor the progress

In order to identify such metrics, it may help consider the key accountabilities of Scrum Master as explained in the Scrum Guide. As per the latest scrum guide, the scrum master is accountable to

  • Help the Scrum Team continuously improves its effectiveness
  • Help the Developers are able to create high value increment that meet definition of done
  • And the Scrum Team implements scrum the way it is defined.

When we look at these accountabilities and the position of SCrum Master as a “true leader who serves”, it becomes clear that to measure the effectiveness of Scrum Master we need to somehow track how the Scrum Master helps the Developers as well as Product Owner to become more effective and efficient while staying true to Scrum.

Also, the Scrum Master is a coach for the Scrum Team. As a coach the Scrum Master should help the Scrum Team to be Self Managed and able to take their decisions independently without depending too much on the Scrum Master. Scrum Master also coaches the organizations to empower the Scrum team.

Below I have given some sample Metrics that can help the Scrum Master.

  1. Team Independence –
    1. Number of times Scrum Master has to be the interface for the developers – with PO /With Organization
    2. Support needed by team to solve impediments
  2. Over All team effectiveness – trends in other metrics especially value delivery and quality
  3. Cross Functionality – Can be measured by something like “T Index”